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commissions tables

please contact us should you wish to discuss having a light or a table made to your design or for a particular purpose or place including larger custom installations


above are photos of a commission -


a hollow tree trunk glass top dining table
230 years old ash wood tree trunk table with sculpted out interior
the interior of this tree trunk has a glass shelf fitted inside low down with a layer of coloured glass crystals and is lit from below that with led lights (best seen at night) which are powered by a large capacity re-chargeable battery installed below the shelf and which is accessed via a descreet hatchway at the base of the circular trunk

every such commission is unique and the cost will vary dependant the on the many attributes of the finished table base


above are also photos of another commission -


a 4 metre long mosaic english & wych elm elm dining table

details on request....

commissions tables

  • toughened glass table - 210cm diameter round 21mm thick glass


    mosaic elm dining table - length 400cm width 120cm

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