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cone floor light C

sculpted cone floor light C


handmade large lacquered silver birch cone shade made from natural wood which will gradually attain a warm honey colour over a period of years.

the shade is supported on a satin polished stainless steel column.


sculpted olive ash wood base, oiled and lacquered.

the approx age in years of the tree is marked on the bottom of every wood base.


as each base is unique, in wood grain, ring growth, shape and sculpting
the price will vary according to each individual finished item.


please read through the details for info about the componants and functions of these amazing 21C floor lights.


different & unique one available only !

cone floor light C

  • All floor lights are Design Copyrighted and registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office.

    height 186cm  diameter of shade 54cm  weight 28kg

    provides superior light output - 129 LED watts ! in total of lighting supplied by 3 separate lighting circuits.

    each circuit is controlled by both a touch switch dimmer on the front of the shade and a separate dimmer remote control unit.

    a lower circuit of 3 x 7 watt led GU10 lamps downlights through the open bottom of the shade onto the wooden base.

    two upper circuits each of 3 x 18 watt led E27 gls globe lamps uplight through the open top of the shade.

    to achieve the lowest running costs and the greenest credentials it is essential to use leds which also run much cooler.

    a twin outlet usb 5 volt charger is located at the rear of the shade for all your mobile devices, and adjacent is a master on/off switch.

    a long mains flex is installed discretely through the middle of the wood base and up through the stainless steel column (quality design and build).

    all lights come supplied with quality EU manufactured lamps (bulbs).

    uk 3-pin plug fitted fused at 3 amp or Euro 2-pin plug as applicable.
    all electrical items and equipment are of the latest design fully tested and CE marked.

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