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circular glass top sculpted tree trunk table


handmade sculpted by us

glass top supported on sculpted olive ash wood tree trunk
this base is so unique, sculpted from a tree over 200 years old grown in the UK, and which are extremely limited in availability

the approx age in years of the tree is marked on the bottom of every wood base

(this one is 210 years old)

the base on its own could also be for displaying something special or for a commission for a very large floor light !

supporting the glass top are our own designed sturdy fittings allowing for complete levelling of the table however uneven the floor

finished with a superb and resilient fine matt lacquer


different & unique one available only !


please contact us to purchase

sculpted dining table with glass top

  • 150cm diameter 10mm thick toughened glass table top weight 44kg

    table top frame with fixings and levelling system weight 6kg

    sculpted tree trunk base approx weight 100kg

    max 8 persons

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